Little Seeds Add Major Flavor To Springtime Foods

Springtime is a perfect time to discover a little ingredient that adds big flavor to a variety of foods: the seeds spice. Such as the season itself, seeds mean rebirth and rejuvenation. They provide endless options for adding color, consistency, and flavor to numerous dishes. While many people are accustomed to cooking food with ground Indian spices, they may well not be as familiar with using whole seed. McCormick(R), the tasting expert, shares the inside details on these tiny secrets.

Seeds come from the dried, ripe fruit of plants, usually grown in temperate climates. Chefs have long prized seeds for their fresh flavor and aroma, which is released right at the instant the seed, is floor or crushed. When stored in a cool, dried out place away from high temperature and moisture, seeds previous around three to four years.

Here are another seeds secret: toasting seeds before adding to a formula intensifies their taste and provides another dimension of flavor. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite seed products along with a quick guide to toasting:


Flavor/Aroma: Licorice-like, with piney undertones

Appearance: Dark brown, crescent-shaped

Pairs Very well With Spring Foods Just like: Beets, carrots, fish/shellfish, melons, oranges, pork


Flavor/Aroma: Nutty, slightly sweet and somewhat sharp

Appearance: Dark brown, crescent-shaped; around 1/4 -inch long

Pairs Well With Spring Food Like: New potatoes, chicken, salmon


Flavor/Aroma: A little bit sweet, citrus-like

Appearance: Light tan to medium brownish; spherical and ribbed

Pairs Well With Spring Food Like Carrots, chicken, seafood, ham/pork, lamb, peas, prawn


Flavor/Aroma: Pungent, earthy, slightly bitter and heating Appearance: Pale to medium brown; similar in appearance to caraway

Pairs Well With Spring Food Like: Asparagus, carrots, chicken, grain, green beans, fish, lamb, peas, pork, potatoes, green spinach


Flavor/Aroma: Sweet taste, with notes of anise and aroma similar to caraway; green and minty

Appearance: Pale brown with fine lighter colored steak; oval

Pairs Well With Spring Foods Like Beets, carrots, chicken, eggs, fish/shellfish, lamb, potatoes, salmon, scallops, veal


Flavor/Aroma: Special and aromatic; aroma is minty with a golf course, anise freshness

Appearance: Yellowish-green; approximately 1/4 -inch long

Pairs Well With Springtime Foods Like Eggs, seafood, green beans, pork, veal


Flavor/Aroma: Sharp, stinky flavor and aroma

Appearance: Golden, round

Pairs Well With Spring Food Like Beef, beets, chicken, crab, eggs, fish, green coffee beans, lamb, pork, salmon, vinaigrettes.


Flavor/Aroma: Sweet and nutty taste.

Appearance: Possibly the tiniest of the seeds; round and blue-gray in color

Pairs Well With Spring Food Like Baked goods, citrus fruit, salads and salad dressings, stir-fries


Flavor/Aroma: Crazy, sweet aroma with a milk-like, buttery taste

Appearance: Flat and tear-shaped

Pairs Well With Spring Food Like Asparagus, chicken, fish/shellfish, lamb, mushrooms, orange

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